Warren Buffett’s Closely Guarded PR Secret

He builds political capital for the day he needs it.

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Warren Buffett interview with author from his Berkshire Hathaway headquarters
My interview with Warren Buffett

1. He Trained For Prime Time

2. You aren’t too big to fail (take the reporter’s call)

3. With journalists, remember, their hypothesis is often wrong but never in doubt

4. Be humble like mom and dad told you

5. If everyone is talking virtue, start talking vice

So here is how Warren Buffett plays it safe at a Senate Hearing:

6. When they serve you sour grapes, whine

7. You are an annual subject but a daily source

8. The dark side is always an option

9. If you want smarter journalists, then make them so.

10. You can win the story but lose the headline

Warren Buffett interview for Iconic Voices

Written by

Producer of Extraordinary Lives 2019 @TellyAwards for documentaries @ IconicVoices.tv; Author of Be Somebody @ jeffcunningham.com; ex-publisher @Forbes

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