Uber Has a Long Road Ahead Thanks To The Board of Directors

The venture capitalists at Benchmark turned a public relations mess into a succession nightmare. Did they do the right thing?

Former CEO Travis Kalanick, co-founder of Uber Technologies

“Our Core Competency Is Knowing We Don’t Know The Future.” — Charlie Munger, partner of Warren Buffett

Uber’s Corporate Governance FAQs

Will Sheryl Sandberg become CEO of Uber Technologies? No. Why would she? What can they give her other than the title? The stars are in line in her current role as Mark Zuckerberg’s #2 and @Facebook COO. In five years she could run for President. People love the simplistic narrative of a savior CEO but just ask Ron Johnson at JC Penney and Marissa Mayer at @Yahoo how well that worked out. Uber’s future due to the board’s precipitous actions is uncertain at present and it is an unhappy culture. Why take that on?



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