First Hit The Little Ball

To change the world, start with what you want to do, not what someone says you should do.

“Hit the little ball before you hit the big ball.”

Golfers use the expression above to prevent taking a large divot before striking the ball. When you don’t follow this rule, it can be very unpleasant as dirt flies in the air and the ball barely moves or is shanked into the rough. People will look the other way and smirk, “He hit the big ball first.”

“I’m not a social worker. I do it for the church.”

— Saint Teresa

Contrary to popular perception, Mother Mary Teresa Bojaxhiu, honored in the Catholic Church as Saint Teresa of Calcutta, was an Albanian-Indian Roman Catholic nun and missionary who may not have been as saintly as presumed.

Not All Peace and Love

Let me be sure here. Is The Independent is a brand or not, for starters? Based on his definition of organizing a movement, aren’t we all potential brand managers? Secondly, since when is shrewdness a sin? Wouldn’t that make “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s sinful? Although the seven deadly sins are all too familiar, I doubt that Pope Gregory Ist, who came up with the idea, would have intentionally left that one out. Do we now have to recompute for eight?

The Big Ball’s Challenges

Why do you think the world picks extraordinary people to take on big challenges? Because most of us are not nearly as dedicated or talented, we would probably fail if we tried to run the show, and it is why leaders come in all shapes and colors but never in a perfect size. Mother Teresa was given a gift and among the many things she was able to do was organize. Millions were grateful. One was not.

First Class Journalist

Hitchens flew to Rome to challenge her beatification (first-class, I might add). Not only did he get an audience in the Vatican, but he also got a story out of it, which goes to the point about those who shout the loudest care the least. Thankfully, he failed, and Teresa was sainted, but it leaves the feeling that if you think you have enemies, now wait until you qualify for sainthood.

The Greatest Vacation

In 1879, the French scientist, Louis Pasteur, researched the cause of chicken cholera to help the local farmers (to be sure he had an incentive) and instructed an assistant to inject the chickens with a culture of viral bacteria.

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