The Wisdom of JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon

The global banker is second only to Warren Buffett in terms of sound philosophical advice for investors and managers.

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With the publication of J.P. Morgan’s shareholder report, Jamie Dimon’s distilled wisdom is now available on the reading rack. Once again, he demonstrates the most cogent worldview to emanate from the inner sanctum — an exceptional manager sees business as one part numbers and at least two parts sensitivity to human nature.

Dimon devotes a good deal of the missive to the need for managers to pay more attention to corporate culture — as well as the need to rebuild companies for an era in which employees are more important than ever. He advocates common sense diversity policies aimed at stimulating growth in lower income communities. His point to his managers, they will be judged by people metrics not just profits.

We cannot be a healthy and vibrant company if we are not investing for the future.

We simply cannot deliver to our shareholders what they deserve if we do not have high-quality, motivated, committed employees.

We are expanding innovative models that enable more people to share in the rewards of a growing economy.

Is there a conflict between building shareholder value vs. serving customers, taking care of employees and lifting up communities?

While keeping JPMorgan Chase a healthy and vibrant company is the best thing we can do for our communities, there’s a lot more we can do.

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