Google’s CEO Makes Friends On Capitol Hill, Enemies At Headquarters

Those looking for a thoughtful debate on technology found they tuned into the wrong channel. The Congressional hearing was more of an SNL skit about political posturing.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Questions and nonanswers

Pichai neglected to add that Google’s engineers, the same group of employees who were being accused of political bias, write the algorithms.

The Russian Hoax

In the recent election, the Russians spent $4700 in advertising. Compare that to Google’s $30 billion first-quarter revenue.

Pichai’s Real Worry

Google is now a collective of talent workers not a company of shareholders, and they, not management, decide the future of the company.

Professor of Leadership. Extraordinary Lives Project. Author “Be Somebody” (2021); 2019 Telly Award; ex-publisher Forbes

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