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  • Seyone Chithrananda

    Seyone Chithrananda

    16-year old machine learning developer interested in hard-tech, biology, and philosophy.

  • Lorien Gabel

    Lorien Gabel

    Co-founder Figment. Owner Headwall Sports of Jackson Hole

  • Gabriel Weinberg

    Gabriel Weinberg

    CEO & Founder, DuckDuckGo. Co-author, Super Thinking. Co-author, Traction.

  • Brittany Sheehan

    Brittany Sheehan

    Passionate about policy

  • Daniel L. Doctoroff

    Daniel L. Doctoroff

    CEO @sidewalklabs

  • Tom Whitwell

    Tom Whitwell

    Consultant at Fluxx, reformed journalist, hardware designer.

  • Dave Anderson

    Dave Anderson

    Former Head of Technology at Bezos Academy, Director/GM at Amazon. Husband, and Father. Find me at https://scarletink.com/

  • Frederic Filloux

    Frederic Filloux

    Editor of the Monday Note

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