Buffett’s Secret To Great Thinking: QI Over IQ

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Warren Buffett has made huge mistakes throughout his life. He bet on airlines before they tanked. He bought an investment bank prior to a bond trader defrauded the U.S. government. He trusted a senior partner to help him find good deals and didn’t know the partner was on the take. So why is he so rich, successful, and happy?

How does he maintain the balance that allows him to come back each day and find value for his shareholders and personal pleasure for himself? To learn from mistakes so that not only does he not repeat, but he improves the odds? It’s called the Buffett System of Compounding Intelligence. The other word for it is wisdom.

“When we respond to information without a filter, it turns us into screaming monsters or slavish consumers.”




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Producer of Extraordinary Lives 2019 @TellyAwards for documentaries @ IconicVoices.tv; Author of Be Somebody @ jeffcunningham.com; ex-publisher @Forbes

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