Passages from The Secret Knowledge by David Mamet

The Caves of Lascaux were lost for 20,000 years. Then a dog fell down a rabbit hole.

The four teenagers with archaeologist Henry Breuil

— Every Journey Begins With a Stumble

“We were utterly crazy,” exclaimed one of the boys.

For nearly 300 million years, a black fungal delicacy has lain patiently in the shadows of French Oak, Beech, and Chestnut trees in the Dordogne region of France. The fragrant lumps we call truffles today might still be loitering if an…

In the 1st century B.C., the impassioned expression of a nameless Roman citizen made his wife immortal.

The Intervention of the Sabine Women by Jacques-Louis David, 1799

Elon Musk was right to hold a Twitter poll. 3.5 million people voted. He will now sell $20 billion of Tesla shares. This explains why.

When did social media become a dystopian religion? About four hundred years ago.

Question: When did social media become a dystopian religion?

Answer: About four hundred years ago.

Call it the year of Tweeting badly. Rants on social media are now substituted for scientific reasoning. No one gets the final say until they are blocked. If you say anything that disagrees with the…

Malcolm Forbes proved that you have to change your life to change your career.

“To take part in a severe contest between intelligence.”

To those who believe The Economist is meant to be about the economy, that is logical but inaccurate.

If you think Elizabeth Holmes is done, she never met anyone she couldn’t fool.

To change the world, start with what you want to do, not what someone says you should do.

“Hit the little ball before you hit the big ball.”

Golfers use the expression above to prevent taking a large divot before striking the ball. When you don’t follow this rule, it can be very unpleasant as dirt flies in the air and the ball barely moves or is shanked…

Jeff Cunningham

Professor of Leadership. Extraordinary Lives Project. Author “Be Somebody” (2021); 2019 Telly Award; ex-publisher Forbes

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